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Ramadan and Eid Gifts

Ramadan and Eid Gifts

Searching for Eid gift ideas? With TINAS, you have everything from cakes to sweets to get this Eid festive season the best of both worlds. As we show gratitude to the lord Allah for his blessings, get ready to show true affection to your near and dear ones through some kind Eid Gifts from us!




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Ramadan and Eid Gifts-Saffron baked Cheesecake

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Ramadan and Eid Gifts-Pistachio Milk cake by Gossip

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Ramadan and Eid Gifts-Chocolate Milk cake by Gossip

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Ramadan and Eid Gifts-Date Cake & Detox Namastea Tea

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Ramadan and Eid Gifts-Special Dates Surprise

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Ramadan and Eid Gifts-Date Pudding Gift Surprise

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Ramadan and Eid Gifts-Date Pudding

Date Pudding

AED 188.00

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Ramadan and Eid Gifts-Godiva XL Royal Navy Blue Chocolate Box

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Ramadan and Eid Gifts-Gentle Floral Gift

Gentle Floral Gift

AED 448.00

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Ramadan and Eid Gifts-Pinata 3D Heart Cake & Newby Premium Tea

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Ramadan and Eid Gifts-Healthy Gift Set

Healthy Gift Set

AED 225.00

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Ramadan and Eid Gifts-Special Date Cake

Special Date Cake

AED 189.00

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Ramadan and Eid Gifts-Godiva Premium Chocolate Tray

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Ramadan and Eid Gifts-Exclusive Dates Box & Festive Lantern

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Ramadan and Eid Gifts-Date Cake

Date Cake

AED 182.00

Arabic Festivals – Your Shopping Guide on the Best Traditional Arabic Gifts

Everyone knows that gifts need to suit the festival they’re being given in. Random gift choices are not a bad idea, but they are thoughtless ones. At TINAS, you can send online gifts to UAE and put a smile on the faces of your dear ones. In this guide, we provide you with everything you need to know about how to send gifts to UAE. And, most especially, how to select the right Eid gifts.


Thanks to our competent cake delivery Dubai, you can send delicious cakes as presents for Eid as we have some splendid selections. Our ‘Cappuccino Cake’, for instance, comes with UAE balloons that reflect the colors of the national flag. What better way to say, “Eid Mubarak!” Our alternatives: ‘UAE Chocolate Caramel Cake’ | ‘Pistachio Cake & UAE Balloon’.

If you wish to send something simpler, you can opt for chocolate delivery in Dubai. We have some lip-smacking options in this regard: ‘Philippe Pascoët Swiss Chocolate’ | ‘Exclusive Indulgence’.

We take pride in delivering our cakes fresh and flawless. We take extra care not to shake the box or even tilt it during transit. Each cake order is stored in a cool setting before and during delivery.


Flowers are ideal for anniversaries, romantic moments, or when congratulations are in order. Other occasions when you can send florals online gift delivery in Dubai is on birthdays, work-related milestones, and by way of thanking you.

Our flower bouquets come designed to infuse the recipient with a fresh boost of happiness and beauty. Recommendations: ‘Adorable Surprise’ | ‘Heart Tiramisu & Charming Roses’.

We make it a point to deliver every flower order fresh and gorgeous. Your gift receiver won’t find a dry petal in our bunch.

Traditional Sweets

Such sweets represent the heart and soul of a nation, especially the traditional kind because they are made right there at home. You can choose a box filled with an assortment of Arabic sweets to send as one of many Arabic seasonal gifts.

Dates, Baklava sweet, and dried fruits are all amazing choices to send via traditional sweets delivery on Eid or any other occasion for that matter. Our recommendations: ‘Amazing Arabic Sweets’ | ‘Arabic Sweets Mixed Baklava’ | ‘Deluxe Dried Fruit Tray’ | ‘Special Big Dates’.

Sweets are a great way to show you care. You will rarely go wrong with traditional sweets. There’s something in them for everyone in the family or friend circle you’re gifting to enjoy.

Send Corporate Gifts Online to Dubai via TINAS

Gifts for colleagues, business people, or anyone working in the corporate sector are a great way for you to let them know that their hard work has not gone unnoticed. Gifts ranging from flower delivery to cakes are a good way to show your friends or family in UAE that you appreciate their contributions to the corporate world.

We, at TINAS, remain the best online gift shop in Dubai for this purpose. Flowers, fruits, chocolates, cakes, fruit baskets, diffusers, pens, and notebooks are all available for online delivery in Dubai. You can certainly also send combinations as you see fit.

Our recommendations: ‘Vanilla Berry Delight Cake’ | ‘Something Special’ | ‘Purple & White Orchid’ | ‘Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Wallet’ | ‘Mont Blanc Classique Pen’ | ‘Gold Bar and Roses’ | ‘Fabulous & Fruity’ | ‘Diptyque Hourglass Diffuser’ | ‘Cappuccino Chocolates in a Book’.

How to Send Gifts to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As soon as you are on our site, choose your gifts, customize them, and make your online payment through our secure channels. On the checkout page, simply choose to whom you need it delivered, add some notes and points if you like, and sit back while we carry out the rest. Just by shopping online from the comfort of your home, you support our site which spreads happiness through gifts in UAE.

Our site, TINAS is the best online shop for traditional gifts in Dubai. Our company has grown over the years to become people’s favorite especially when it comes to outstanding Eid gift ideas. You can experience and enjoy the extraordinary gifts and services of our Gift Shop. All you need to do is, go online and explore our official website filled with gifts for all occasions.

You can start by choosing, say, a collection of signature boxes, or work with our online team to design a custom gift with products from our catalogue. You can next start customizing your gift(s) with names – either company names, names of clients, business partners, colleagues, names of friends, family members, you get the idea.

Your gift ideas should be designed to impress, and we at TINAS help make that possible. By personalizing and beautifully packaging every gift with care, we ensure that your chosen recipient feels your fondness no matter where you are. We, at TINAS, deliver gifts directly to any desired destination in Dubai/UAE.

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