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Send Love To Your Loved Ones On Special Days

Send Love To Your Loved Ones On Special Days

20 Jun, 2019



Gifts are a symbol of love, care, attention, and excitement. On special days like wedding, anniversary, birthday, on a joyous occasion as a birth of a child, and on a corporate celebration in a company, it is always amazingly interesting to send valuable gifts. It is truly a joy to receive and to send gifts nowadays.




As we live in a fast-paced world, it becomes much more impossible to be physically present at the place of celebration of your beloved ones. Always on special days and events, everyone wants to surprise the closest people and colleagues with lovely gifts. You might think first about shopping malls with a choice of gifts. But be aware of the necessity to visit many stores, make a proper gift arrangement and order a courier service to a gift recipient by yourself. In total, that is very time-consuming.

Moreover, if you want to make a gift that contains food products, delivering them might be risky by a courier service. Usually food gifts or flower gifts require quick delivery; otherwise, without proper care and delivery conditions, gifts might be spoiled or melted. As you know, perishable products must reach the recipient in a lovely, tasty, and fresh quality. So, the faster the gift is delivered to a person, the original quality of products is sustained. Another reason to do online gift shopping is to avoid crowded shopping malls and do it quickly. Quite often it happens that a gift is to be bought at the last minute. In such a case it is very hard to visit a shop or to get to a crowded mall to find an affordable and memorable gift. For these and many other reasons, online gifting with TINAS is easy, fast, and gaining more and more popularity.




TINAS is the UAE based Online Gift Company. On TINAS online platform you can choose the desired gift from a ready-made range of gift boxes or create your own gift box by adding your beloved items to the Premium gift box. You can follow TINAS on Instagram @gifts.tinas so that you will never miss any exclusive limited edition of gifts that change every season. Once you want to create your own gift, we have a great selection of world’s leading products with great taste and quality so that you can fill your gift box with premium brands that are internationally loved by people.

TINAS concept of create-your-own gift is dedicated to creative and imaginative people who wish to create a gift incorporating their own concept and vision. Our team applies the utmost care and expertise to provide you with unique and excellent gift items. The result is your virtually hand-made gift, a gift masterpiece that is with the finest products inside. TINAS takes you on a voyage of discovery, giving you a product description so that you can understand and be aware of the item you select. Personalized and created gifts are always fun with TINAS. Just look at us, happy, creative, and carefree.



Your selected or created gifts will be delivered to your favorite people who live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman. Being UAE based, our delivery persons have a great idea of each locality; thus, we are able to make a fast delivery service. The advantage of Online Gift Delivery is that it can be delivered directly to the recipient from the online gift store. Hence, all you need to do is to select an appropriate gift based on your occasion. At TINAS you can explore in the series of exclusive occasions the available ready-made gifts. Selecting a gift within your budget is no longer an issue as our online website provides you with a range of products within a specific budget. After the gift selection just make a payment online. At TINAS payment modes are secured and payment transaction is super easy and trusted as all the confirmations are forwarded to you by email notification. It hardly takes much time to complete the total process. The only thing is required is accuracy in filling out the shipping data and date of delivery. The true benefit of our online platform is that you can enjoy free next day delivery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman. Planning the gifts in advance is great because it also eliminates the possibility of forgetting close ones’ birthday or anniversary.

It is true that with us you are not just sending gifts but generating memories, giving life to love and care. Exploring new ideas in gifts always leads to great discoveries like TINAS. We take pride in our work as we are able to evoke best and happiest emotions on your smiley face.




There is no better way to make someone feel special on their special days or during the festive season other than sending attractive gift hampers. Featuring beloved and exclusively sourced food products La Cure Gourmande from France, Venchi and Baci from Italy, Vicens from Spain, Godiva from Belgium, TWG from Singapore, and many more European and Arabic brands, we introduce favorite food for a gift to you. TINAS is the ultimate tasting experience for a memorable time with the loved ones. In a great range of gifts, you will find also non-consumable items from high-end brands like Swarovski.

With TINAS everything is done in the way you want. Just close your eyes and imagine what your close friends, family members or colleagues would like to have in UAE on special days.
TINAS is the best Online Gift Store to find the ideal gift for any occasion and Send Online Gifts. It might be a birthday, wedding anniversary, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Woman’s Day, the birth of a baby or just any other congratulation. On a TINAS exclusive greeting card you have an opportunity to write your best sincere wishes and let’s celebrate the day in a grand way.
TINAS gift products are available to match your ideal gift idea. Gift an experience, gift with TINAS.


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