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Greeting Cards, Trends and History

Greeting Cards, Trends and History

17 Jun, 2019





Impact of social media on greeting cards in today’s time has not been catastrophic. Digital cards don’t feel so personal and aren’t unexpected as they can be done in a couple of seconds and sent by email. Even though there are hundreds of applications to make e-card, people prefer to get a surprising greeting card with a heart-touching message.
A greeting card is more than just a piece of high-quality paper because it carries messages of affection, care, love, respect. A greeting card is usually exchanged on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other special days.
Greeting cards have a long history. They have existed since ancient times and were used for a good-wish-message exchange during New Year by the Chinese or were used by the Egyptians for their greetings on papyrus scrolls. A greeting card has been transformed throughout centuries, but it is still a very affordable and wonderful way of communication.




There are two main categories of greeting cards. There are everyday cards or seasonal cards. Among the top-selling everyday card is a birthday card. There are approximately 360,000 babies born per day. About 17.7 million people are celebrating a birthday on any given day of the year. Now you can imagine how many birthday celebrations happen every single day and how many gifts and birthdays cards are needed. After birthdays, there are some other important events such as weddings and anniversaries. Obviously, top-selling seasonal cards are Christmas and holidays cards. There are also other seasonal holidays like Diwali, Eid, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation. This does, however, provide a good base to plan from when you are starting a handmade card business.
There is such a diverse choice of greeting cards now. Let’s have a look at how the biggest companies began the journey of greeting card creation. You will be introduced to the amazing greeting card art.




In the first half of the 19th century, cards evolved from two common practices: visiting cards that the aristocrats gave hosts during a visit, and reports sent home by students to update families on their studies. The favorable features of cards were their low cost and time consumption in comparison to writing a letter.

The exchange of Christmas cards didn’t start its existence until the 1840s, when Queen Victoria published an engraving showing celebrations of Christmas at Windsor. That served as a great example for others to follow the same way and send out their own Christmas wishes.  In the 1860s, companies like Marcus Ward Co, Goodall and Charles Bennett began the mass production of greeting cards. Marcus Ward & Co employed Kate Greenaway as a designer. Her designs became famous and were used for more than one occasion.
Very quickly the idea of Christmas cards was spread to another continent and the Christmas card tradition was set up in “New World.” Louis Prang of Boston is called the “father of the American Christmas card.” Louis Prang, born in Breslau, Prussian Silesia (Poland), ran a highly successful printing company in Boston. His company was exceptionally well recognized because of the high-quality reproduction of major artwork. He used the complex technique of chromolithography. Louis Prang cards were much admired abroad as well as on the local market.

Another big greeting card company American Greetings was founded by Jacob Sapirstein, a Polish immigrant, in 1906. After a few years, in 1910 Joyce Clyde Hall founded company Hallmark that would become America’s greeting card giant. Hallmark also transformed the industry by packaging inexpensive cards with custom-sized envelopes. Greeting cards with intricate designs and decorations gained popularity in the 1920s; shimmer and glitter-adorned the cards. As for now, the greeting card industry is still led by giants Hallmark and American Greetings and diversified by hundreds of smaller companies and start-ups.
One of the greeting card exclusive bestseller of all time is Three Little Angels, which was designed by Ruth More head for Hallmark in 1977. The card, reading “God bless you, love you, keep you at Christmastime and always “sold over 30 million copies in 1996, and millions afterward. This is a heart-touching greeting card that has a true life-story about her two sisters.

Mary Hamilton, a famous card designer, has painted over 3,000 cards for Hallmark. Her main theme was about the charming bears, angels, and other illustrations. She could get a human connection and tell a story through her beautiful emotional drawings.
Greeting card world is unique. Writers and card designers work on many different card concepts to let people endure an unforgettable feeling once reading the card. Greeting cards will exist until people are full of inspiration and love.




Greeting card companies worry a lot about colors. Card designers use bright, upbeat colors and good color combination to stand out. Other colors like brown, gray, black and white are not so popular for greeting cards. More often people buy cards for someone with the image of adorable flowers, angels, pets on it. Somebody likes to have words on both the inside and outside of the card, others prefer completely blank greeting cards so that it can be more easily customized. Greeting card companies are flexible to offer a wide range of cards as per the taste of consumers.
There is a significant trend towards combing high technology with greeting cards, for instance, musical cards or greeting cards that contain LED lights.
Apart from all, there is a special niche for handmade greeting card makers. Handmade cards usually have endless special elements and decoration. They are very diverse and as per designer imagination. This type of cards will also continue to grow in popularity.
“I fell in love with this ancient art, and I’m an engineer by training, so the design aspect is just really fun. That’s why I got excited about it. We’re a customer-driven brand, direct to consumer, and we spend a lot of time with our customers. Watching their reactions showed me how special it was.”
They aren’t just making a different type of card, though. They’re offering a new kind of experience. Enjoy exploring more greeting cards. It’s very pleasant to get it. Share with feelings with your beloved people.




TINAS offers an exclusive option to customize a greeting card. On the front side of the greeting card, there is a gorgeous flower image. Another side of the card is completely blank so that there is an opportunity to personalize it with a great message and wish.
It is not just making a card. It is a new kind of experience that you create your own card with a message. The greeting card goes with a signature TINAS envelope. With great delight, a recipient of a gift will open the gift box and read warm greetings and wishes.


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