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Eid al Adha- Celebrating Eid With Grandeur

Eid al Adha- Celebrating Eid With Grandeur

06 Jul, 2021

Eid al Adha- Celebrating Eid With Grandeur

Eid signifies the celebration of festivals; according to Islamic traditions, there are two celebrations. One is after the holy month of Ramazan ends; it is Eid ul Fitr. The second is the grander eid, Eid al Adha, which marks the end of the annual Hajj pilgrimage. It is the time of sacrifice or 'Qurbani'.

What is Eid al Adha?

In a display of commitment and love for Allah, Prophet Ibrahim agreed to sacrifice his son. However, his God replaced his son and put a ram in his place. It was proof of his whole devotion and unending faith in the Supreme.

Allah too protected his son from slaughter. But the festival signifies sacrifice. The festival is on the tenth of the last month in the Islamic calendar. Worshipers sacrifice and animal and divide the halal meat into three portions. One portion is for the family, the second is for friends, and the third is for those in needs.

Historical Significance of Eid al Adha

Eid ul Adhareminds all devotees of Allah about the recurrent dreams of Ibrahim. In his dreams, he saw himself sacrificing his son, Ismael. His son was very young but still a great devotee of the Lord. Both agreed to please God by offering Ismael, as per Allah's wishes.

While preparing for the sacrifice, the Devil tried to persuade him otherwise. But, he threw stones at the Shaitan and drove him away. When God saw that he did not step back, he sent his Archangel to fetch for a ram. The ram instead of Ismail was an offering to God.

The significance is the willingness to give up the things we love for God. Also, the festival is amount happiness and community service, Eid gifts. The sacrificial meat is not for personal consumption. It is for all, especially the needy. 

Tradition Followed Inthe UAE

Eid is the celebration of love, happiness, brotherhood, and sacrifice. In the UAE, the influential members of the community will host gatherings. There will be dates, fruits, tea, coffee, milk, and other savouries for all. They plan Eid gift ideas to make this special day grand. 

Men, women, and children wear their favourite dresses and exchange Eid gifts. There will be early morning prayers and traditional games, singing and dancing. Eid ul Adha is the perfect time to spend with your families, friends, and loved ones.

Daily prayers are a must, and families take extra care of cleanliness. The lunch and evening hours are vibrant with live music, concerts, shows, and lavish buffets. However, no one forgets about serving the community as a part of the festivals.

Celebrating With Family

The Quran teaches all followers to engage in sacrifice and service. Celebrations begin with the morning prayers and then cleaning and purifying the body. The entire family gets together to clean and decorate the house. Later, family dress up in their best attire and visit friends for a lavish feast.

Sweets, savouries are sent to the less fortunate. There is an exchange of Eid Gifts and best wishes. Buy gifts for Eid from Tina's to express your love and care for your family. There are innovative gifts available that will brighten the faces of your dear ones.


Celebrating festivals is a way of expressing gratitude and love. Eid is about devotion, dedication, and oneness. It teaches all followers about the virtue of sacrifice and that the path of Allah will lead to glory.

With innovative Eid gift ideas, you can celebrate the festival with tremendous enthusiasm and vigour. Choose from a wide range of gifts available and make it a memorable experience for your family.



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