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Best Cake Ideas For All Occasions

Best Cake Ideas For All  Occasions

27 Sep, 2021

Cake cutting is the hallmark of every celebration, something that we all look forward to. Therefore, the cake we buy has to be special in appearance as well as in taste because we are ringing in good times by cutting it.

There are so many varieties of cakes available, but celebration cakes are very few. Here are six varieties that will go well with any occasion you can possibly think of.

Rasmalai cake
When you need nothing but the best, Rasmalai Cake should come to your mind. It looks majestic as well as irresistible in all angles, thanks to the extravagant toppings including swirly dollops of cream, luscious rasmalai balls and crunchy pistachio topping. Truly, it’s a taste of heaven on earth, Rasmalai Cake is flavoured with notes of cardamom and saffron as well.

Rasamali cake

Photo cake
Photo cake rightly matches every occasion, adding excitement to celebrations. It lets you relive memories together with your beloved and makes them feel extra special. You can get any of your pictures or themes printed on it whether it is a photograph or a scenery. If personalization is what you’re looking for, then this one's for you.

Photo cake

Black Forest cake
Who hasn't tasted a black forest yet? Forever in style, the black forest remains a top pick for special celebrations. Its unique tiered sponge, chocolate shavings and cherry toppings make it stand out from the rest in looks as well as in taste. Simple, delicious and spectacular, the cake per se calls for celebration. It comes in a range of designs and healthier versions too. 

Black forest cake

Red Velvet cake
The cult classic among lovers, the Red Velvet gives off an air of passion, hence perfect for Valentines Day and Wedding Anniversary celebrations. Its signature red colour also matches the theme of Christmas, bringing warmth and joy to the occasion. But, don’t just limit it to these occasions alone. They come in eggless and gluten-free variations also. 

Red velvet cake

Gulab Jamun cake
Double delight, this fusion cake has the best Indian delicacy as toppings. Simple yet elegant, this cake has buttercream frosting, complete with a sprinkle of rose petals. Try it once and it will very soon become your favourite for every occasion. 

Gulab jamun cake

Pinata cake
Ready to smash? The showstopper, Pinata cake comes in attractive shapes. Whether you are celebrating your 1st wedding anniversary or your soulmate's birthday, this cake gives you the right chance to surprise your beloved. Also, the unusual "cake-smashing" will grab eyeballs at any party. What's inside? You can choose between a Black Forest and a Red Velvet, plus you get some room for hiding your surprise gift.

Pinata cake

Waiting for an occasion to eat one of these cakes? Well...if you're in the mood for having a cake, order it online right away. Each of these cakes itself calls for a celebration. Tinas offers fresh celebration cakes in Dubai; we can deliver to your doorstep or help you gift your loved ones staying in the UAE without any delivery charges.

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