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27 Sep, 2021

Special occasions come often. It’s how you celebrate them that makes them unforgettable. If you’re really bored of the idea of cake-cutting and want to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries differently, why not try a cake smash?

The craze has emerged recently and has already taken social media by storm with people posting their own videos and pictures of smashing cakes. However, not all cakes are made for smashing but Pinata Cakes are.

What is a Pinata Cake?
A pinata cake is different because it has a hard outer shell, usually made of chocolate. One has to crack it to get to the cake and goodies cocooned inside.Pinata cakes are often accompanied by a hammer, which is the tool for breaking the shell!

pinata heart shape cake

Pinata is a Spanish word meaning “pot”. The concept of breaking the pinata cake has been arguably borrowed from an age-old Mexican custom. On special occasions, they had pinatas stuffed with various kinds of candies and toys suspended from a height for smashing. Then kids, fully blindfolded, were allowed to break those pinatas with a stick 

What comes inside a Pinata Cake?
A pinata cake can be heart-shaped, hemispherical or spherical, depending on the creativity of the baker. On the outside, the chocolate shell will be beautifully adorned with fondant, ribbons or other edible cake decoration items, while on the inside there will be some room left to hide surprise gifts along with the celebration cake. You can stuff the inside with whatever you want - sweets, cards, cupcakes, or other surprises matching the occasion. 

pinata cake

Various types of Pinata Cakes available in Dubai
Earlier, pinata cakes were made for Valentine's day celebrations alone to allow the lover to conceal a surprise ring for his beloved. Therefore, heart-shaped pinata cakes were the rage. 

pinata black forest cake

However, today, with pinata cakes catching the fancy of almost everyone, bakers have started experimenting with new designs to match various occasions. Pinata cakes are generally ordered for making the cake cutting ceremony more special and intriguing.

Here are some of the best-selling pinata cakes in Dubai:

How to buy a Pinata Cake in Dubai?
Pinata cakes can be bought online as well as in-store. The advantages of buying online are that they come at the best price and with so many varieties to choose from. It removes all the hassles of going to a store, finding the right variety, ordering one, customizing it, making the payment and then waiting for delivery or going back again to collect it. 

pinata cake

At Tinas, we have the best varieties of fresh pinata cakes. You can order it at your convenient time - at night or on a holiday and have it delivered right at your doorstep, intact. If you are planning to gift anyone in Dubai or any other emirate in the UAE, just type in their address, and sit back and relax. We will deliver it on your behalf, on the date you say. We also offer same-day delivery service. If you have not experienced pinata cake yet, it is high time you did it.


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