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5 Unique Flower and Cake Combo Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

5 Unique Flower and Cake Combo Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

18 Jan, 2022

As we near Valentine's Day, our thoughts are all about ensuring we give the best gift to our partner - a gift that can better communicate our feelings though. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day Gifts involved flowers and cards. At Tinas, we understand that desserts bring a smile on anyone’s face and are the easiest way to get into one’s heart. So, we’ve gone up a notch higher combining the best of Valentine’s Day cakes and flowers together to help take your relationship to the next level. 

Below are five of our special cake-flower combos for this Valentine’s Day. Go for combos if you are really planning to make the most of your holiday.  

  1. Strawberry Vanilla Kitty Set
    valentines day gift
    Our Valentine's Day special Strawberry Vanilla Kitty Set includes a delicious Strawberry Vanilla Kitty Cake and a Fresh Roses Bouquet - both pink in colour. Designed to convey your love, this unique combo symbolizes the spirit of Valentine' Day and hence makes the perfect gift for the day.
  2. Graceful Roses & Strawberry Cake
    rose bouquet and flower
    Yet another combination of Strawberry Cake and Fresh Roses Bouquet - but in cheery red and white tones. Created with love, this hard-to-resist combo features a highly decadent Strawberry Cake with dripping frosting and strawberries on top. Celebrate your love for each other by sharing this mouthwatering delicacy. 
  3. Heart Tiramisu & Charming Roses
    rose and cake
    With its tempting looks and chocolate-coffee flavours, our Heart Tiramisu cake per se makes a wonderful Valentine's Day Gift. Along with a bunch of fresh Charming Roses, it can make your partner swoon over you for sure. Make your Valentine's Day evening a never-before experience.

  4. Vanilla Berry Delight Cake & Charming Roses
    cake and rose gift
    A real delight for eyes and taste buds, our Vanilla Berry Delight Cake & Charming Roses is one of the most embellished combos in our Valentine's Day gift collection. It can sweeten your evening while turning it romantic, thanks to the unique combination of multi-layered cake and fresh roses in red and pink shades. 

  5. Surprisingly Lovely
    cake and rose for valentine
    If you find it hard to choose between a bunch of flowers and a delicious cake, our Surprisingly Lovely combo is just for you! Featuring a scrumptious honey cake, a bunch of fresh roses, and a premium tea collection by Namastea, this combo is like no other and a sure-fire way of leaving a lasting impression on your lover. 

There are many more varieties waiting to be explored in our Valentine's Day gift collection. Go to our Valentine's Gift page for more gift ideas. No matter what gift you choose and where you are planning to send it to, we provide free delivery across the UAE. So, even if you are away from your partner, you can still send your Valentine's Day gift online to Dubai or wherever your partner lives in the UAE.

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