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5 Traditional Gift Ideas for Ramadan & Eid

5 Traditional Gift Ideas for Ramadan & Eid

04 Apr, 2022

Eid al-Fitr is a festival celebrated by Muslims. It marks the end of Ramadan - a holy month devoted to fasting and prayers. 

Ramadan is the month of giving too. Traditionally, donations were made to the poor and the needy. Today in addition to donations, gifts are also exchanged among friends and family members as part of the celebration.

Now that 2022 Ramadan is approaching, what are you planning to buy for your loved ones? If you’re wondering what to buy, here we’ve put together some of the traditional gifts ideas that you can consider for your dear and near ones this Ramadan:

  1. Ramadan sweets

ramdan sweets..

When it comes to Ramadan gifting, nothing works better than traditional Arabic sweets like Baklava. Rich in pistachios, our Baklava Assortment is shareable as well as can help your loved ones break their fast. Arabic sweets have an important role to play in Eid celebrations. They form part of the meals as well as are served to guests.

  1. Dates

ramadan dates

Dates are not a unique gift but definitely traditional. Giving date gift boxes is common during the Ramadan season. So, they may not make a good surprise but can be a thoughtful gift for people you love. Tinas offers dates in a range of styles. They come, stuffed with nuts, in combos with other keepsakes as well as in the form of puddings. Some of our date gifts for Ramadan are Special Dates Surprise, Premium Date Assortment and Festive Candle Holder, and Exclusive Dates Box and Festive Lantern.

  1. Perfumes

perfume gift

Who doesn't like getting a bottle of perfume as a gift on special occasions? Even if you have a dozen in the wardrobe, you still long for one - probably a new fragrance. Therefore, perfumes never go wrong as a gift. For Ramadan, you can go for the oud varieties such as our Tom Ford Oud Wood or Armani Prive Oud Royal.

  1. Cakes

ramadan baklava cake

Cakes always make a lovely gift, irrespective of the occasion. If your recipient has a sweet tooth, it is bound to make them smile. We have got an excellent range of cakes for you to try this Ramadan such as our Chocolate Milk Cake by Gossip, Pistachio Cake, Rasmalai Cake and more. Also, if want to add some fun to your celebration, there is our Pinata range as well.

  1. Flowers

ramadan flower gift

If you are really at a loss, choose flowers. They are fail-proof, at the same help you convey your feelings better. It doesn't matter who you are planning to give to - parents or siblings, we have a specially curated range of floral gifts for Ramadan such as our Elegant 5 Roses, Happy White Lilies and more.

These are just five, there are many more waiting to be explored. Browse our gifts collection for more Ramadan gift ideas. With Tinas, sending Ramadan gift hampers to your loved ones is a breeze. We have delivery services across the UAE; so if you want to send Eid wishes to anyone in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, we can help.

Eid Mubarak in advance!

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