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5 Most Searched Christmas Cakes in Dubai

5 Most Searched Christmas Cakes in Dubai

24 Nov, 2021

What’s Christmas without a Christmas cake?

Although seen gracing several occasions and celebrations, cakes have roots in Christmas. They are symbolic of the festival and hence the name Christmas cakes. The idea of Christmas cakes dates back to the 16th century, where they were originally consumed on Christmas Eve to break the fast.

Before taking their present shape, Christmas cakes were originally prepared as porridge, with the main content being oats. Over the years, they have undergone several changes in their shape and contents, replacing oats with flour and plums with dried fruit, finally assuming the form that we see today, called fruit cakes.

While some people still prefer the traditional fruit cakes for celebrating Christmas, there are some others who go for the modern versions like sponge cakes. 

Here we bring you five of the most sought after Christmas cakes* in Dubai, based on people’s search preferences.

  • Red Velvet 

Full of flavour, our Red Velvet cakes always stay in sync with the Christmas vibe. They never fail to tempt you in looks and taste. Available in a dozen varieties, they have cream cheese frosting and deep red tinges in common. Choose your style and get the party started.

red velvet cake

  • Pinata Cake

Another most-searched variety, our eye-popping pinata range is meant for fun-filled Christmas celebrations. Available in hemispherical and heart shapes, pinata cakes can create an air of curiosity when placed on the Christmas table along with a hammer. One has to crack it open to see the surprise Christmas gift hidden inside.

pinata cake

  • Chocolate Cake

Luscious and moist, chocolate cakes from Tinas look fabulous and taste extremely delicious. For the perfect balance of flavours, we bring different varieties of it including the all-time favourites like Classic Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Pistachio Cake By Gossip, Chocolate Hazelnut Cake, and more. 

  • Christmas-themed cakes

Get into the spirit of Christmas with our Christmas-themed cakes. From Santa Cakes to Snowflakes Cakes and Black Forest with Trees, we bring Christmas-themed cakes in umpteen flavours. Unsurprisingly one of the top-searched items, these cakes are as much fun to behold as they are to enjoy.

santa cake

  • Carrot Cake

A healthy take on a decadent dessert, our Carrot cakes are nothing short of extravagant. Packed with the goodness of carrots, they have amazing health benefits to offer in each slice. Available in different varieties and in regular and sugar-free versions, our carrot cakes can match the dietary preferences of every cake lover.

carrot cake

These are not the only cakes that appeared in our top searches, there are many more such as Tiramisu and Photo Cakes. However, we believe these five cakes stay relevant to Christmas celebrations and can impress your guests. You can find different versions of these cakes for different dietary requirements such as vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and eggless varieties.

At Tinas, we can help you buy or send these freshly baked Christmas cakes online to your friends and relatives in the UAE. Order now!

*Based on searches done on our website

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